2019 Events

Southern States – NOLA Nashville Challenge – Nashville Miami Vibe – Ft. Lauderdale, FL Florida Spring Classic – Orlando

Emerald Ball – Los Angeles, CA Atlanta Open – Atlanta, GA   Crown Jewel – Ft. Lauderdale
City Lights FADS – West Palm B
Charlotte Fest – Charlotte, NC

NY/NJ Dancesport FADS – NJ
Ft. Lauderdale Classic – FL
Yankee Classic- Cambridge, MA
Millenium – Orlando, FL
Louisiana Dancesport – NOLA

Manhattan Dancesport – NY        DBDC – Boston

AUGUST                             Florida State – Sarasota, FL  Greenville Challenge – SC      Boca Dancesport – Boca Raton Capital Dancesport – DC      Sundance FADS – West Palm

SEPTEMBER                             US Championships – Orlando Encore Dancesport – West Palm  Southwest Int’l – Dallas TX  Tampa Bay Classic – Orlando

OCTOBER                          Hotlanta – Atlanta, GA           NJ/NE FADS – Whippany, NJ   Grand Nationals/10 Dance World Championships – Doral, Florida                            Tropicana DS – St. Pete, FL

NOVEMBER                       Hollywood DS – Hollywood, CA  Caribbean DS – Puerto Rico   Destin Open – Destin, FL         Ohio Star Ball – Columbus,Ohio

DECEMBER                           South Open DS – Orlando, FL   SF/DS FADS – Manalapan, FL Holiday DS – Las Vegas, NV


Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be received BEFORE the heat list is posted or at least 5 days notice.
If you decide to keep your hair overnight, it is still considered a late cancellation and will be charged.
Please be considerate to us and to your fellow dancers. You are awesome and we are here to do our best for you.

The Purple Tiger Team

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