Ballroom Dancing and the Single Guy

Ballroom dancing is notably one of the easiest ways to entice a woman into the arms of a man. Ask a woman to dance and a smile appears as she willingly allows herself to be whisked off to the dance floor. There tends to be a slight problem. Most men do not know how to dance. By dance I do mean the popular rhythms played at most clubs in town such as swing, cha cha, salsa, merengue, hustle, rumba.
In the clubs there are many women dancing with each other as the men stand around drinking and watching. There tend to be a couple of guys who know how to dance and so are more popular with the women regardless of their other shortcomings. The ability to dance outshines all their other flaws. The gentlemen watching on the sidelines are often goodlooking, physically fit, well-dressed, smell good and gainfully employed. Problem is they have no idea how to dance. This is a major flaw that makes them less attractive to the women.
The sad thing is that correcting this problem is very simple. All that is required are a few (okay a lot) of dance lessons. Men it would be wonderful if men would recognize the need for this necessary skill. There is nothing to be afraid of; it is not too difficult and it is a lot of fun with tremendous physical and emotional benefits.
While learning to dance one also learns social etiquette, improved personal hygiene (bad breath and body odor does not go well with dancing), to name a couple of benefits. Ballroom dancing is one of the most romantic things that a couple can do. Come on fellas “learn to dance” it is a lot of fun and can be quite the macho thing to do.

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