Ballroom Dancing Stars

Dancing With The Stars is spicing up the airways. Congratulations to all the wonderful professionals and the daring and adventurous stars. It is amazing how much they accomplish each week with their dances. ┬áNormally I get so upset each week when acknowledgements are not given to the choreographers. This week the Argentine Tango couple even had their names flashed across the screen. Terrific! Maybe this will be a new trend for this show. The quality of the music selections are still abominable. Oh my goodness! ┬áSometimes I cringe when I hear the music these wonderful dancers are subjected to. For goodness sake, can’t someone tell them that some of the music is impossible to dance to with any amount of conviction. Such a shame to have to subject the viewing audience to such music. When they choose the appropriate songs/rhythms it is truly a pleasure and is one of the reasons for the show’s success.

I look forward to a terrific season.

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