Business Opportunities in the World of Ballroom Dance

It occurred to me that I am so fortunate to be in the dance business. I am a trained professional dancer. With that comes the opportunity to teach, coach, perform, make costumes, do hair/makeup, judge, socialize, network and make friends. Just to name a few of the many benefits. I do consider myself lucky to have fallen into this magical world. As you can see, one can be involved in so many ways from artistic and administrative avenues to technology and event planning.

I started out like many people – as a student of dance. I was completely in love with ballroom dancing. There was no other form of activity that gave me that adrenaline rush. The thrill. The joy. To this day, I still remember all the joyous moments. I remember learning particular things from particular people. I competed as a student and then became an professional instructor. Immediately, I found a pro partner and started to compete professionally. During this time I did my own hair and makeup and made my own costumes. More on that later.Margaret Burns, a legend of dance.

Over the next few blogs, I plan on expanding on the various channels of income making in the ballroom world. It is safe to say that whatever your expertise, we can use in this world. So stay with me  a while, let us explore together my past experiences and good times.

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