Dancing as a Way of Life

I love to dance. It is a way of life with me. I guess that is why I am compelled to teach dancing. I enjoy the interaction with new students, whether they are professionals or amateurs. Yes, there are new professionals out there learning to dance every day. The joy of learning to dance is awesome to watch. I enjoy being a part of making someone’s day better. Dancing does so much for people. It enhances even the most exciting of lives. I cannot imagine a life without dance of some form. The most exciting form for me is ballroom dancing. Waltz, tango, salsa, swing, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, all beautiful dances. ThereĀ is nothing that quite satisfies the need to express music. For individuals and for couples it is an ideal way of meeting and socializing in a non-threatening way. it is also an amazing way to develop the body while fulfilling the soul. Yes, dancing is a fixer upper. It soothes what ails us. It gives us wings of expression. It is the ultimate tool to improve ourselves. Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so. I have seen too many people benefit in so many unexpected ways from ballroom dancing. It is an awesome way of being.


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