Dancing at the Ritz

It was so great to go out dancing tonight. I have not done that in quite a while. Thursday night has been the night for ballroom dancers to play at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota. Everyone is so friendly and out to have a good time. After a day of coaching and teaching my favorite couple, it was nice to just relax, have a drink and do a couple of dances. My couple are trying to fix me up with a boyfriend. They asked me what I would be looking for. I wondered if I really wanted someone that is a dancer. Do they really have to know how to dance? Or could they just have a sense of rhythm? I had a couple of really great west coast swings with Bob. It was really nice. Then I thought, maybe I do need someone that know how to dance. Mmmm. Tall, good looking, smells good, non-smoker and knows how to dance. That would work. I have always believed that someone that has no interest in dancing has something wrong with them. so, why would I want to be with that person. I guess the decision is made they have to dance. Or at least like dancing. One can always lern how. ¬†Why is it that most women love dancing and so many men don’t? Maybe the do, but are afraid to fail at the learning of it. Shame. We need a few good men that know how to dance.

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