Dancing at the Ritz

It was so great to go out dancing tonight. I have not done that in quite a while. Thursday night has been the night for ballroom dancers to play at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota. Everyone is so friendly and out to have a good time. After a day of coaching and teaching my favorite couple, it was nice to just relax, have a drink and do a couple of dances. My couple are trying to fix me up with a boyfriend. They asked me what I would be looking for. I wondered if I really wanted someone that is a dancer. Do they really have to know how to dance? Or could they just have a sense of rhythm? I had a couple of really great west coast swings with Bob. It was really nice. Then I thought, maybe I do need someone that know how to dance. Mmmm. Tall, good looking, smells good, non-smoker and knows how to dance. That would work. I have always believed that someone that has no interest in dancing has something wrong with them. so, why would I want to be with that person. I guess the decision is made they have to dance. Or at least like dancing. One can always lern how.  Why is it that most women love dancing and so many men don’t? Maybe the do, but are afraid to fail at the learning of it. Shame. We need a few good men that know how to dance.

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