Dancing With The Stars Update

Here we go again. Another fabulous dance show with our stars. I love this program. I still get so frustrated when the dancers are blamed for the inadequacies of the music. For the judges to fault the dancers for not showing the excitement and liveliness of the jitterbug when the tempo for Mya and Dmitry was so slow is unbelievable. Then they get excited and praise Mark and Lacy for showing that aspect. Of course they did! Hello! Was anyone listening? The music was terrific. So were they. Mark is one of my favorites. He is super talented and I am a Food Network addict. My criticism is not with the dancers but with the producers that are making these ridiculous situations for the judges and dancers. When a couple (Melissa and Mark) are saddled with a dancing by the toenails, incredibly slow waltz how are they supposed produce a relaxed elegant look. It takes so much to stay in tempo and still keep your form, technique and spirit when the music sinks you into a quagmire.  The viewing audience are, I am sure, equipped with sight and ears. The are probably confused with the comments sometimes made by the judges when the obstacles inhibiting the dancers are so obvious. The dancers when stuck with bad arrangements, should be applauded for dealing so well with these things.

Dancing With The Stars is a show about endurance, bravura (not always a good idea,  notice all the injuries), and fun. The professionals do an amazing job with their stars. The choreography is always spot on with the music. This is not always well received by the judges, but is always appreciated by the audience. It is amazing how much they achieve in such a short period of time. Kudos to the dedication of the stars.

Question of the Day? Do you think that the music with the appropriate and more exciting/passionate/sensuous tempi are given to the chosen winners? With the less lustrous music going to the next star to leave? Is Melissa going next? Sabotage or coincidence? Mmmm… makes you wonder.

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