Mya and Dmitry lose Mambo! What!?

The group mambo was quite interesting. I found myself initially in sync with the judges. Then they started eliminating the good ones. Someone needs to tell the judges the difference between Salsa and Mambo (Salsa ¬†on “2”). If you are doing a mambo the key is the timing!! Basic judging rule #1 “Timing, timing. timing”. All of the stars had a hard time keeping the the mambo beat. However, Mya, Aaron and Kelly were more on than off. Especially Mya. She was by far the best on the floor in every way. Joanna was hopelessly lost and should have been cut so much earlier. Daring strategy for Louis to freestyle. I thought it went very well for them. The result – not so much. Such a shame for this to happen. The band played a real mambo too.

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