Nightclub Dance Scene in Sarasota

There are so many wonderful places to go dancing in Sarasota. Saturday night I decided to try going to Tropicana again. I love the building and tried to go before, however, as I said in a previous blog, the music was so incredibly loud that I had to leave. With a refund of course. This time I went armed with earplugs. There was a band from Tampa playing wonderful latin music. Salsa, merengue, bachata. Not as loud as the previous band, but I still used my earplugs to protect my ears. The place was quite crowded and festive. Everyone was having a great time. Including yours truly. ┬áThen, the band leader decided to address the crowd, In Spanish. He was received with silence. I have never heard silence in a club before. This silent pause was followed by “what did he say?” “did you understand that?” etc. Just as a courtesy one should try to speak the language of the host country, city, town, club, dinner or use an interpreter. I found it to be very insulting and rude. Half the room spoke english only, others were bilingual, and very few spoke only spanish. I do believe that the bilinguals were embarassed and so did not answer to whatever the questions were. Hence the silence in the room.

The other exciting aspect to the evening was that there was a Sarasota Salsa Meet-up event as well. Many people had arrived earlier for a salsa lesson with Tatyana and then stayed for the full evening of dance. I missed that part of the evening as I had just returned from judging a ballroom dance showcase in Ft. Myers.

I am told that Tropicana serves cuban food for lunch and  dinner during the non-nightclub times. I am looking forward to eating there soon.

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