One Dance Snobbery

I have  encountered “one dance snobbery” so many times in the past. Whether the dance was salsa, hustle, west coast swing, or argentine tango did not seem to matter. In general, when a new person arrives at the dance party, they would always be not danced with until they could prove that they could actually do that dance. Of course, unless  you went with someone that would dance with you, this was difficult to do. I have always found this to be unkind and not very gracious. Why do dancers do this? Some of these “one dance snobs” are’nt even very good. Well, they are – in their own minds. It is my observation that this snobbery occurs for several reasons.

1.  They actually believe that they are too good to dance with just anyone and will save that honor for only the best dancers.This sentiment is not always shared by the best dancers.

2. They know they are not very good and are afraid that the newcomer might be too good for them. The newcomer good or bad is usually happy to dance with anyone, rather than sit and watch.

3. They only know so many patterns/leads and are afraid to be stuck dancing a really long hustle, west coast, salsa or the three dances of an Argentine tango tanda. The only answer Ihave for this one is to play shorter dances and definitely not have to dance three dances in a row with the same partners (tango tanda requires this).

When one does arrive at a dance with a popular partner, the entire world is open to them. This is a great feeling. One that would be wonderful for all to experience as  I just did at a west coast swing dance called Floor Play. Awesome.

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