Orlando Ballroom Blitz

I will be doing hair and makeup for the Orlando Ballroom Blitz. Be sure to book your appointments with me soon. Looking forward to a great event.

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Hair and makeup for Ohio Star Ball. Elizabeth and I are taking appointments. Don’t wait there are only so many spots available.

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Now booking appointments for Grand Nationals and Ohio Star Ball. Contact us to be on our mailing list.
CALL: 941-266-1515 OR EMAIL: purpletiger2@verizon.net

Unique hair styles and makeup for dancesport competitions.

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To Dance Is To Live The Fantasy

Looking forward to a hectic weekends of doing hair and makeup early in the mornings, followed by judging beautiful people until late at night makes one have the desire to sleep for about a week to prepare. Let’s not forget the partying…I mean business meetings…till the wee hours. I love the dance business. It fulfills the dreams and wishes of so many people. Where else can you live your fantasy as a professional, as an amateur, as a vendor. You choose your hours, your clients, your life. You decide. You are your own boss. Unless you have a very controlling boss/teacher/client. Then you have to do what they say. But, hey, it is still awesome. At the end of the day you wash your face, your body with wonderful, pampering Mary Kay products. All the stress, worries, washes down the drain. You awake the next morning refreshed (?…unless it is at 4am) and ready to do it all again.
Where are you dancing next? Looking forward to seeing you there. I am ready for Tampa. SPRING FLING, FLORIDA SUPERSTARS and more. All great events. 2011 is already a great year.

I also enjoy teaching and coaching all levels of dancers. My beginner class in Boca Grande is going great. What a terrific group of people.

I am still looking for a few gentlemen that wish to enter the competitive dance world with me. Newcomers (brand new, yes) as well as advanced are absolutely welcome.

Let’s make it a great year of dancing!

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I have started teaching a group class in Ballroom dancing in Boca Grande (just south of Englewood, near Port Charlotte). Wonderful people live there and it is an awesome community. I will also be teaching private lessons and expanding my Mary Kay business.

Ballroom Dancing in Boca Grande is brought to you by the hard work and dedication of:

Kimberly and Jay Whipple

I am so thankful to them for this amazing opportunity.

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I am now a Mary Kay Consultant. This is truly great fun. If anyone need that extra money. This is the way to do it. Lots of training, fun, support and a terrific product that just received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This is big. No other cosmetic company has it.

If you do not have a consultant, or have never tried their products. Contact me. I would love to show them to you.

In today’s economy, many of us need the extra income. There is a lot of money to be made through this company. contact me. Visit my Mary Kay website. It is fun and exciting as well as extremely rewarding. http://www.marykay.com/mburns9207

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As many of you know, I am always keeping busy.. Well here I go again. Elizabeth and I have been asked to so a seminar on hair and makeup for competitions. Our first seminar will be at Vicki’s Ballroom in Seminole, FL.  We will be addressing the entire package before you get on the floor, In addition, we will be discussing what the judges are looking for, hair, nails, makeup, styling. Also to be covered is how do you remove the products from your hair and face! Preparing for beauty is a lot of fun.

This seminar will be available to studios all over the country.hair-and-makeup-flyer1

This will be awesome!!

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Dancing as a Way of Life

I love to dance. It is a way of life with me. I guess that is why I am compelled to teach dancing. I enjoy the interaction with new students, whether they are professionals or amateurs. Yes, there are new professionals out there learning to dance every day. The joy of learning to dance is awesome to watch. I enjoy being a part of making someone’s day better. Dancing does so much for people. It enhances even the most exciting of lives. I cannot imagine a life without dance of some form. The most exciting form for me is ballroom dancing. Waltz, tango, salsa, swing, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, all beautiful dances. There is nothing that quite satisfies the need to express music. For individuals and for couples it is an ideal way of meeting and socializing in a non-threatening way. it is also an amazing way to develop the body while fulfilling the soul. Yes, dancing is a fixer upper. It soothes what ails us. It gives us wings of expression. It is the ultimate tool to improve ourselves. Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so. I have seen too many people benefit in so many unexpected ways from ballroom dancing. It is an awesome way of being.


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Dancing at the Ritz

It was so great to go out dancing tonight. I have not done that in quite a while. Thursday night has been the night for ballroom dancers to play at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota. Everyone is so friendly and out to have a good time. After a day of coaching and teaching my favorite couple, it was nice to just relax, have a drink and do a couple of dances. My couple are trying to fix me up with a boyfriend. They asked me what I would be looking for. I wondered if I really wanted someone that is a dancer. Do they really have to know how to dance? Or could they just have a sense of rhythm? I had a couple of really great west coast swings with Bob. It was really nice. Then I thought, maybe I do need someone that know how to dance. Mmmm. Tall, good looking, smells good, non-smoker and knows how to dance. That would work. I have always believed that someone that has no interest in dancing has something wrong with them. so, why would I want to be with that person. I guess the decision is made they have to dance. Or at least like dancing. One can always lern how.  Why is it that most women love dancing and so many men don’t? Maybe the do, but are afraid to fail at the learning of it. Shame. We need a few good men that know how to dance.

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