“Celebrate Valentine’s Day with class and fun”

Margaret Burns  presents:

Voces Libres Trio playing spanish love songs and boleros

Master DJ Chris Kanozsay spinning great party music

Champagne, chocolate, strawberries…and more.

$35.00 per person/$60.00 per couple

Not just for couples. No dance experience necessary.

Call now to make your Reservations:  941-896-8834

Dance With Class Ballroom

4069 Cortez Road West

Bradenton, FL  34210

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“Two Left Feet”

will always need to learn and study more. The fact that we cannot dance is exactly the reason to take lessons. That is why there are dance lessons and instructors.I developed my slogan to be “Two left feet? I have your right” because I have met so many people that fee that they are too bad at dancing to take lessons. This is so amazing to me that people have forgotten the purpose of school. The reason for learning. Even if we already know something, anything we


So, my point is that it is never too late to learn. I was at a west coast swing class a few weeks ago helping out my friend Bobby Caudill. I met someone after the class that always wanted to learn but seemed reluctant to take the class. I didn’t quite understand our conversation as I strongly believe that everyone should be taking dance lessons. The best professionals in the world take lessons to improve their craft. They might be competitors striving to be faster, stronger, more clever than their counterparts. They might be instructors looking for better ways to impart their knowledge. No matter what your level of dance from nonexistent to brilliant there will always be more to learn. Find that class, that studio. Learn to dance, and as this gentleman said to me he dances to have fun and to seduce the ladies. Of course, the better his dancing and his other essential skills the better his chances. Ladies do like men that are gentlemen and good dancers.

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Mya and Dmitry lose Mambo! What!?

The group mambo was quite interesting. I found myself initially in sync with the judges. Then they started eliminating the good ones. Someone needs to tell the judges the difference between Salsa and Mambo (Salsa  on “2”). If you are doing a mambo the key is the timing!! Basic judging rule #1 “Timing, timing. timing”. All of the stars had a hard time keeping the the mambo beat. However, Mya, Aaron and Kelly were more on than off. Especially Mya. She was by far the best on the floor in every way. Joanna was hopelessly lost and should have been cut so much earlier. Daring strategy for Louis to freestyle. I thought it went very well for them. The result – not so much. Such a shame for this to happen. The band played a real mambo too.

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Dancing With The Stars Update

Here we go again. Another fabulous dance show with our stars. I love this program. I still get so frustrated when the dancers are blamed for the inadequacies of the music. For the judges to fault the dancers for not showing the excitement and liveliness of the jitterbug when the tempo for Mya and Dmitry was so slow is unbelievable. Then they get excited and praise Mark and Lacy for showing that aspect. Of course they did! Hello! Was anyone listening? The music was terrific. So were they. Mark is one of my favorites. He is super talented and I am a Food Network addict. My criticism is not with the dancers but with the producers that are making these ridiculous situations for the judges and dancers. When a couple (Melissa and Mark) are saddled with a dancing by the toenails, incredibly slow waltz how are they supposed produce a relaxed elegant look. It takes so much to stay in tempo and still keep your form, technique and spirit when the music sinks you into a quagmire.  The viewing audience are, I am sure, equipped with sight and ears. The are probably confused with the comments sometimes made by the judges when the obstacles inhibiting the dancers are so obvious. The dancers when stuck with bad arrangements, should be applauded for dealing so well with these things.

Dancing With The Stars is a show about endurance, bravura (not always a good idea,  notice all the injuries), and fun. The professionals do an amazing job with their stars. The choreography is always spot on with the music. This is not always well received by the judges, but is always appreciated by the audience. It is amazing how much they achieve in such a short period of time. Kudos to the dedication of the stars.

Question of the Day? Do you think that the music with the appropriate and more exciting/passionate/sensuous tempi are given to the chosen winners? With the less lustrous music going to the next star to leave? Is Melissa going next? Sabotage or coincidence? Mmmm… makes you wonder.

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Ballroom Dancing Stars

Dancing With The Stars is spicing up the airways. Congratulations to all the wonderful professionals and the daring and adventurous stars. It is amazing how much they accomplish each week with their dances.  Normally I get so upset each week when acknowledgements are not given to the choreographers. This week the Argentine Tango couple even had their names flashed across the screen. Terrific! Maybe this will be a new trend for this show. The quality of the music selections are still abominable. Oh my goodness!  Sometimes I cringe when I hear the music these wonderful dancers are subjected to. For goodness sake, can’t someone tell them that some of the music is impossible to dance to with any amount of conviction. Such a shame to have to subject the viewing audience to such music. When they choose the appropriate songs/rhythms it is truly a pleasure and is one of the reasons for the show’s success.

I look forward to a terrific season.

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Dancing Stars

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Business Opportunities in the World of Ballroom Dance

It occurred to me that I am so fortunate to be in the dance business. I am a trained professional dancer. With that comes the opportunity to teach, coach, perform, make costumes, do hair/makeup, judge, socialize, network and make friends. Just to name a few of the many benefits. I do consider myself lucky to have fallen into this magical world. As you can see, one can be involved in so many ways from artistic and administrative avenues to technology and event planning.

I started out like many people – as a student of dance. I was completely in love with ballroom dancing. There was no other form of activity that gave me that adrenaline rush. The thrill. The joy. To this day, I still remember all the joyous moments. I remember learning particular things from particular people. I competed as a student and then became an professional instructor. Immediately, I found a pro partner and started to compete professionally. During this time I did my own hair and makeup and made my own costumes. More on that later.Margaret Burns, a legend of dance.

Over the next few blogs, I plan on expanding on the various channels of income making in the ballroom world. It is safe to say that whatever your expertise, we can use in this world. So stay with me  a while, let us explore together my past experiences and good times.

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Dancing With the Stars

Oh yes, our favorite show is back. Great to have all that wonderful dancing on television. It shows that anyone can learn to dance. Whether you like the Waltz, Salsa, Cha Cha or Foxtrot. It is so much fun to watch all these celebrities and beautiful people learn and perform so well. The judges can be harsh. But, that is okay because they do back it up with helpful comments that the dancers can go back and work on.  It will be interesting to see who stays and who leaves. There are people on there with huge followings and all the talk shows are featuring their favorites. Tom Delay is getting a lot of coverage from all of the news shows. Great for ballroom dancing.

I wish the music was better and more inspiring. I find the tempi to be questionable and the sound is not rich and full enough to push the dancers. I have always had this problem with the show. I love the show and its concept and everyone that is involved. The music not so much.

The costumes are always amazing except for the exceptionally low riding hip lines that make the female dancers look shortlegged and extra long in the torso. Not a very appealing look. Maybe the men like it as a more naked look. But for the balance of proportions and taste values they could be cut a little higher on the hip.

A great show and I look forward to watching. I will be posting my comments as it progresses. Keep on dancing everyone. It is healthy and exciting and very rewarding.

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News from the United States Dancesport Championships

It has been an hectic week. So many events, so many dancers, so many results. The most important result was that my daughter Natasha won the title of United States 9-dance pro/am American Champion in her division. I am hoping to give more results and updates, however, with all that is happening here I seem to be averaging 3-4 hours sleep per night. I like to watch my daughter dance when I am not judging and I also enjoy hanging with my friends from around the world that I only see once or twice a year. Now it is 1:30 am and I must wake at 6am to do my daughter’s hair and makeup. The event starts at 7:30am. The schedule so far has been from 8am till midnight. Some of the dancers are dancing all day. Mainly the male instructors with various students. Some of the students are doing quite a lot of entries. They end up being in the ballroom for most of the day with short breaks here and there. Lunch is sometimes on the fly. More to come…..

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United States Dancesport Championships

It is that time of year when dancers from all over the world converge on Orlando, Florida. The level of dance is excellent and the energy is high. The United States Dancesport Championships is a week-long event that involves dancers, judges, vendors, spectators and others from all over the world.florida-state-2009-pics-064

The glamour and glitz is not to be rivalled. In one room you find dancer’s practicing in costume, in sweats; with or without their partners; with or without their coaches. The room is abuzz with adrenaline. The DJ plays a variety of music according to the published style of dance being practiced. There is a rehearsal/music schedule that follows the sequence of events during the competition so that dancers can get prepared ahead of time. In another room there is wall to wall rhinestones. Dance dresses, dance shoes, hair gizmos, rhinestone accessories, men’s dance wear, evening wear, makeup, sports drinks, all types of stuff to enhance the dance experience.04022009458 The main ballroom is huge. Bright lights, colored lights, backdrops and the dance floor. You enter the room even when it is empty and you can feel the excitement of the dancers. The large dance floor is the focal element. At the head of the floor is the dais where the Master of Ceremonies will take his place and conduct the event. Around the floor are tables, chairs, risers and the cordoned off VIP section. There is a judges’s seating area, where we watch and wait for our turn to take the floor and make decisions.

September. A solid week of drama, fun, excitement and entertainment. I will be blogging as often as I can to keep you informed. Who knows maybe you might be on that floor next year. Yes, you can. It is a great place to be.

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