To Dance Is To Live The Fantasy

Looking forward to a┬áhectic weekends of doing hair and makeup early in the mornings, followed by judging beautiful people until late at night makes one have the desire to sleep for about a week to prepare. Let’s not forget the partying…I mean business meetings…till the wee hours. I love the dance business. It fulfills the dreams and wishes of so many people. Where else can you live your fantasy as a professional, as an amateur, as a vendor. You choose your hours, your clients, your life. You decide. You are your own boss. Unless you have a very controlling boss/teacher/client. Then you have to do what they say. But, hey, it is still awesome. At the end of the day you wash your face, your body with wonderful, pampering Mary Kay products. All the stress, worries, washes down the drain. You awake the next morning refreshed (?…unless it is at 4am) and ready to do it all again.
Where are you dancing next? Looking forward to seeing you there. I am ready for Tampa. SPRING FLING, FLORIDA SUPERSTARS and more. All great events. 2011 is already a great year.

I also enjoy teaching and coaching all levels of dancers. My beginner class in Boca Grande is going great. What a terrific group of people.

I am still looking for a few gentlemen that wish to enter the competitive dance world with me. Newcomers (brand new, yes) as well as advanced are absolutely welcome.

Let’s make it a great year of dancing!

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