Turn Down the Volume

What is this obsession with obscenely loud music. At some ballroom dance competitions, concerts, nightclubs, dance venues, bars, even dance studios the volume is oftimes incredibly loud. I went to a wonderful jazz club last night. The music was terrific but I though the volume was a tad too loud. I would definitely return there. Maybe on a more crowded night it might not be too bad. The Cork on St. Armands Circle – looked and smelled so good.

My friend and I decided to check out the new latin club on Fruitville Road. We paid our admission and entered the club. The din of the band was so outrageously loud that it bounced us right back out the door. Wow! The last time I heard something that loud was at a Dave Matthews concert at the Ampitheatre in Tampa. At Hillary Duff’s concert at the St. Pete Times Forum, her sound engineers wore earplugs and parents were holding their hands over their children’s ears. My daughter said she could not hear the singer and perfered her CD’s. How do you adjust sound when you are wearing ear plugs? But I digress. Back at the club on Fruitville, we got a refund and left. Needless to say I will not be returning. I like my hearing. Really I do.

Another friend of mine is a DJ. He told me that he does not like the loud volume either. I informed him that I usually carry earplugs with me whenenver I go out. He thought that was a great idea and decided to get himself professional earplugs. I asked him why he didn’t just turn the music down. Is that a profound question? What’s wrong to a little less volume? Sometimes it is so loud that the sound actually distorts. I know many people love it loud, but just as many hate it. Majority of people just tolerate it and say nothing. Some say nothing a leave, some say nothing and stay, some (a very few) will say something and leave. That’s me folks.

I love great music and I love to go dancing. Unfortunately, there is so little respect for the artistry of the music or for the health of our eardrums. Many years ago bands used to use sound engineers to balance the sound of the band. Nowadays they just make it LOUD. Am I alone with this? Does anyone agree with me? Are we destined to be a deaf society?

With so many places to go dancing in Sarasota maybe the volume will be a deciding factor in where to go. It will certainly be a criteria on my list.

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